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Expression itself can be done by a single person, but when it comes to presentation, it is often necessary for several people to work together to secure a space. Inevitably, connections are made in close proximity, but it is difficult to form connections with different communities and generations. Furthermore, in the wake of the Corona pandemic, the number of places where artists can present their work has dwindled, and it seems that each artist must fight alone as an individual.

Therefore, we decided to create a project called "Ham and Egg Sandwich" to secure a space and create a platform where performance and performing artists can easily cross over. Performance is a powerless thing without an object, and at the same time, the possibilities of expression as art are diverse. Therefore, by archiving the performances on the public web, we want to leave the performances without objects in a solid form, and at the same time, we want to strengthen the connection between the industry by making it possible for many people to experience these performances.

We will attempt to expand the possibilities of expression by selecting people from , beyond generations and specialties. By continuing the event on an ongoing basis, the goal is to develop the performance scene in Japan in the future and to further expand its diversity.

About hamtama first discussion γ€€πŸ‘‡

Sandwiches are a new taste experience, with a variety of ingredients becoming a single dish.

Next, I thought about what ingredients would be best. Fresh eggs before they become a living creature, or ham made from aged living creature body parts.

The meat used for the ham may have once been an egg of some kind.

And if you put lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and a delicious soup on it, it would be even better.


This is Meerkat, the godfather of Ham Tama.

The event started when Meerkat and Yutaka Murakami, the inaugural members, met at a cherry blossom viewing party at a park in Okachimachi in March 2021. The event started when Meerkat and Yutaka Murakami met at a cherry blossom viewing party in a park in Okachimachi in March 2021.

Murakami asked me if I would like to work with him on something in the live medium, and I began performing conceptually in earnest. Until then, I had only dabbled a little in performance as an elective class in college, and my main focus had been on painting.

Working people and students, seniors and juniors, professionals and amateurs, artists and company employees, foreigners and Japanese, men and women, adults and children.

There seem to be various divisions and divides in the world, but why don't we try to break free from them at times?

If there is a common theme, various artists and non-artists should be able to cooperate to create a big movement...

This Hamutama is a platform focusing on performance art, but I would like to include a lot of non-performance information as well.

One of my efforts is to include a conversation with all the performers at each event, and to create a page for each of the artists.

The same format will be used to archive all the artists on the same homepage, from those who have performed at events before to students who are doing live media for the first time.

We did not include the word "performance" in the title because we did not want to draw boundaries between genres.

The overlapping of the ingredients in the cross section of a sandwich looks like the timetable of an event.

Eggs may be a student with little experience presenting his work. Ham may be a professional who has been working in the field for many years.

However, an egg and a ham are not enough to make a sandwich, so a good stage, an audience, and you, the reader of this page, will surely be needed.

I hope that this platform will become a new movement that we have never seen before, with the involvement of various people across the various divides in the world, from art enthusiasts to beginners who have recently become interested in art and performance.



  • Murakami Hiroshi

    He has been working with various media such as artist music, video, programming, painting, performance, installation, architecture, and manga. Rather than thinking about the work from the perspective of a specific medium, he prioritizes expression and media. He is planning an integrated comprehensive art.

  • Meerkat-girl

    In the process of creating something, it is always in the corner of my mind how to extract "the way of culture and spirit". In every age, in every place, people have left us a variety of β€œplays”. They are not directly related to the biogenic needs of the organism, but they reflect the culture and the spirituality that dwells in them, as they are the things that "make us human" without being bound by time and place. I have been researching and focusing on Japanese secular culture. I do not have a central storyline for my work, but I want to create something that overlaps with the fragments of the viewer's personal memories, so that the viewer can feel the spirituality hidden in the secular culture through the visuals.