Kuwahara Kanji

Artist/percussionist. Graduated from the Department of Music Environment Creation, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. He is currently enrolled in the master's program of the Department of Media and Image Science, Graduate School of Film and New Media. With the theme of "rhythm," he creates and presents using various media such as video, installation, painting, and performance. In addition to his work as a writer, he is also active in musical projects such as Beetle and La Señas.

His major exhibitions include solo exhibitions "With Your Body" (Room_412/2022), "Kanjou Intersection Point" (Saga University Art Museum/2021), "CAF Award 2021 Selected Works" (Daikanyama Hillside Forum/2021), "NIME2021" (Shanghai New York University/2021), solo exhibition "Essays for Rhythm" (Room_412/2021), "ICSAF2019" (Shobi Gakuen University, 2019), "Battlefield" (Room_412, 2019).