In the process of creating something, it is always in the corner of my mind how to extract "the way of culture and spirit". In every age, in every place, people have left us a variety of “plays”. They are not directly related to the biogenic needs of the organism, but they reflect the culture and the spirituality that dwells in them, as they are the things that "make us human" without being bound by time and place. I have been researching and focusing on Japanese secular culture. I do not have a central storyline for my work, but I want to create something that overlaps with the fragments of the viewer's personal memories, so that the viewer can feel the spirituality hidden in the secular culture through the visuals.

1998  Born in Kagoshima, Japan

2017   Enter  BA in fine art, Tama Art University (-2019)

2019   Enter BA in fine art, Tokyo University of the Arts

Currently based in Tokyo

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2018 OHTANI Big Drawing

2020 I hate zoom meeting. Take my sole of the foot.