This is like performance art, just a common everyday situation, a series of experiments involving you.

A room called the white aquarium for three performers.

A guest room where guests observe the white tank through a monitor.

In this Space Kurage, the audience will be divided into these two rooms and will be able to observe what happens in the white tank during the two hours. Please observe what happens in the white tank during the two hours and share your feelings about the situation with the audience in the guest room. Among the many monitors, the white tank may have a different meaning for each viewer.

At night, I heard talking from next door. It was the voice of someone, male or female, who had not even said hello to me before. It seemed to be the voices of about three people, one female and two possibly male. I was listening to the conversation through the concrete wall, but I couldn't hear them very well, so I tried to find a way to hear them. I tried to hear them by putting the mouth of a cup on the wall, as they used to do in old dramas. Surprisingly, it did not work. It seems that fiction was fiction. This time, I pushed my ear against the wall, but I still couldn't hear. I lay there, apparently bored, and then, unexpectedly, the words came to me.

The echoes were not from my ears, but from my body they sprang from within, touching my body with words and warming the air. The meaning of the helpless running away, the words that were uttered for someone who was not me, but who just lived next door to me when it didn't matter, touching my body and shaking the room with reverberations that had nowhere else to go. Just listening to them made me happy because I felt like they were my friends. Who is this? I want to know, but I can't help it, the glass of the aquarium is in the way and I can't leave.

Even if this is someone beside me, even if it is a crazy friend beside me, even if it is a gentile, an alien, a non-human, they are certainly beside me, just being, just being.