Nakamura Midoriko /solo performance「日々の反芻〜生きること〜」2021.12.4. sat

Ruminating on the days

I started doing yoga. Sun worship is the most basic pose of them all.

My faith in the sun is growing every day.

My faith in the sun is growing every day because I feel better when I bathe in the sun. Sunbathing is an important part of good health in life.

Think about Islam. Muslims pray five times a day.

I used to think it was a lot of work and wonder why we had to do so many prayers, but that was a ridiculous idea.

I was convinced that the act of praying every day is very good for your health, not to mention your faith in God.

In yoga, there is a pose called the moon pose.

In yoga, there is a pose called the moon pose, because when we live on the earth with gravity, our internal organs go downwards.

By turning the body upside down, the internal organs are brought back to their original position.

When I pray, I put my head on the floor and do the prayer again and again.

By moving the body in this way, we work the muscles and improve the circulation of blood in the body, leading to a healthy body.

So is the health of the mind. When there is faith in God, when there is something to believe in, the state of the mind improves.

The necessary elements for life become sufficient.

Eating is a necessary part of life.

I like vegetables.

That's something I've realised recently.

Food needs land. Grains and vegetables come from the land and are taken into the body of the organism.

For vegetables to grow, they need the sun.

That's why I do sun worship and consume salad.

If I eat salad seriously, I am serious about life above all.

Isn't that the root of instinct?

To be alive.

I used to want to be a tree. To be a tree is to be part of nature.

Therefore, when I die, I want my body to be buried in the earth by a tree, so that I can become a tree.

Then I think I will become a tree and my body will live in this world for thousands of years.

The tree is ruminating.

It is born from the earth, it takes water, it is exposed to the sun and it grows. In winter, it withers, and in spring it puts on leaves again.

So we want to return to the soil.

So we want to return to the soil and maybe become a vegetable.

We do it again and again, and then we grow up.

I can only see one year ahead in my life now. I was worried about that.

But when I look at the tree, it makes me think that I can just let the time go by. They eat by instinct, they take in sunlight and they live on.

As long as there are no accidents.

As long as there is no disease. The environment.

It can live and grow like a tree.

I can live like this, in this moment!

So is everyone else.

There is no need to blame yourself for anything.

As long as I remember the joy and gratitude of living and don't lick life, as long as I live what I want to do with energy and enthusiasm, I'll be fine, even if I'm having a hard time now, I think.

Ruminating on the days

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