Hiroshi Murakami × Meerkat-girl Collaboration Performance

Human facsimile

Human facsimile This is a collaborative performance by Hiroshi Murakami and Meerkat-girl (the core members and initiators of Hamtama) Performance idea by Meerkat-girl The content of the performance was simply human photography.

Using the exact same media (in this case, a huge cloth, two colors of ink, and a long brush), the two artists will work in separate locations, one projecting live (in this case, FACETIME) only the movements of the other's body onto a huge screen, while the other watches the screen, imitates the movements, and sends a drawing. This time, Murakami forwarded the designs to Meerkat-girl. Without knowing what kind of design to send, they improvise and create a design for each other. Communication in the Internet society has changed greatly in many aspects, such as quality and quantity of information, compared to the time when the Internet did not exist. Furthermore, with the advent of the Corona era, the live system has become indispensable to people. As the information society accelerated with the existence of the Internet, humans, the beings who created the Internet, faced a variety of events in the exchange of information. For example, in an online conference, the world is in a state of flux. For example, in online meetings, participants from all over the world can exchange documents instantaneously on data with screen sharing functions, and information is exchanged smoothly and quickly. In some countries, for example, information exists on the Internet in a state where it has been censored, deleted, or altered by the governing state. For example, the atmosphere and the subtle facial expressions of the interlocutors, which can only be conveyed face-to-face, are not reflected on the broadcast screen, sometimes leading to great misunderstandings between the two parties. Among the viewers of this performance, there are those who think that the design was transmitted more than they imagined. Others may feel that the recipient's movements were not quite as good as they had imagined, and that the designs were different. Value and the way we perceive things will always reflect the individuality of each person. The way we perceive human telegraphic photography will make our individuality in the information society appear to the viewer.

HUMAN FACSIMILE Dialogue 2021 June 20th コラボパフォーマンス

Hiroshi Murakami X Meerkat-girl

Performance Direction/ Meerkat-girl

Performance Paint Design Idea/ Hiroshi Murakami

Performance shooting / Ma Raven

Performance editing / Ma Raven

Meerkat-girl Copyright ©2021 June Hiroshi Murakami , Meerkat-girl, All rights reserved.

Human facsimile

  • Sagamihara atelier