Meerkat-girl solo performance「Humans pretend to be animals, animals pretend to be humans. 」2021.6.20 sun

Throughout our long history, humans have tried to break away from being animals. This was in order to gain the dignity of being human as a social animal. Since then, our civilization has progressed, and in Japan in particular, starvation has become a rare occurrence, and a society has emerged where individuals can make various choices in their lives.

Johan Huizinga, the author of Homo Ludens, defined “ human beings as beings who play”. This is a state in which there is an infinite number of options for “game”. Before the invention of civilization with airplanes and the Internet, individuals probably had 24 hours a day. But now, people have a new kind of time that goes beyond the original 24 hours.

Working with clients around the world via online meetings. A subscription movie service that is a worldwide hit. Food delivery from a restaurant cooked by a foreigner. Real-time coverage of European League football games.

Things that used to be a part of our lives now at the center, and everything revolves around them. From now on, being online and being cosmopolitan will be automatically or unconsciously forced upon individuals. The new place of time created by the human being will depart from the 24-hour day of the individual. Where does one find one's own personal time? If we find our personal time in the artificially created time, the time as an "animal" that we once tried to get rid of may become our "personal time”, or it may not. Something

artificial that looks like nature. Interacting with a dog. Hugging someone’s naked body. The moment you fall asleep and lose consciousness.

In a society where "game" is prevalent, the social existence of "human" is forced on the individual. In order to gain individuality, we desperately search for time as "animals. Will the human being, the individual, collapse if he or she is unable to acquire it? If it collapses, will we return to being animals? Or, if the individual collapses, will he or she not become an animal and continue to be a human being who has lost his or her individuality? It is not despair, but rather the fact that everyone is already practicing this unconsciously, and perhaps even the time we believed we were animals can only be perceived in the sense that it was formed in a human society.

All performance direction/Artist


Performance cast/ Miyuki Kawaoka, Beck Nuritov ,Nuts (Kazuma Yamamoto)

Performance shooting /editing Ma Raven (Video in Performance)

All video direction/Artist Meerkat-girl

shooting /editing Ma Raven

Voice recording Beck Nuritov

Sound effect (a part of video) Interactive Realism_ Procedural Audio Demo By Stephan • E· Perez

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Humans pretend to be animals, animals pretend to be humans.

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