Hiroshi Murakami × Meerkat-girl Collaboration Performance

Sound Poetry for the bathtub

Sound poetry for the old bathhouse space in BUoY's basement.

Poem by Meerkat-girl:

Cold cold cold cold

I found myself here

My skin blisters

I lose my senses

I'm chilly, cold

Who got the tub ready

Who turned on the faucet

Who prepared the container

The water's up to my shoulders

She was saying.

"Art must be beautiful."

"Artists must be beautiful."

Breathless, cold, cold, bitter

He's like that, too. Someone called him "performance monkey."

Is this liquid like water, I always feel like I'm drowning

Is it words like water, or is it everyday life like words

Chilly cold bitter

Chilly cold bitter

Oh no, oh no, I really can't get my footing

I can swim, but I don't think I can swim

"Performance monkey"

"Art must be beautiful"

"Artists must be beautiful"

Skin blisters

Loss of sensation

Sleepy, cold, bitter.

A chilly tub reserved just for me.

Who turned on the faucet?

I'm already up to my neck in it.

Who prepared the bathtub?

Who turned on the faucet?

Who prepared the bowl

Who prepared a cold tub just for me

This is the sound of my heart. My pulse is getting more and more erratic

But can't I be a fish?

Can't I be a dog?

Is this liquid water, or do I always feel like I'm drowning?

Is it words like water, or is it everyday life like words?

Afraid cold bitter

Afraid cold bitter

I know, I know

You all see me drowning there, don't you?

Sleepy, cold, bitter.

Sleepy, cold, bitter.

Chilly bathtub, just for me

my head

I'm already head-deep in it

I can't breathe.

My head.


You are already soaked

I can't breathe, I can't breathe, I can't breathe, I can't breathe, I can't breathe

Breathless, chilly, cold, bitter

Sleepy, chilly, cold, bitter

Performance description below 👇


The poem spoken during the actual performance was more ad-libbed. There was no water in the bathtub, but I wanted my words to project my emotions while adjusting the sound equipment, so I hastily hung the cloth I had brought and projected my face on it. I had an image of a liquid, so I made the cloth bend.

🌼Hiroshi Murakami

I made an algorithmic composition by referring to a genetic algorithm. This program changes the sound by influencing the external input sound. It can be seen as learning, depending on how you look at it. The human words and voice are continually bombarded with the sequences created by the program. The machine continues to operate without emotion. I would like to ask what is a human being.

Sound Poetry for the bathtub dialogue 2022 March 26th コラボパフォーマンス

Hiroshi Murakami X Meerkat-girl

Performance Direction/ Meerkat-girl

Sound/ Meerkat-girl & Hiroshi Murakami

Performance shooting / Bannai Hidenari & Ma Raven

Performance editing / Ma Raven & Bannai Hidenari

Copyright Hiroshi Murakami , Meerkat-girl, March 2022. All rights reserved.

Sound Poetry for the bathtub

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