Hashimoto Rocca solo performance
"improvisation / expanding dissonance" 2022.3.26

The artist sought to express beauty in dissonance. The sounds produced by synthesizers are near atonal and have few specific note sequences. On the other hand, the acoustic piano made extensive use of sequential progressions based on whole-tone scales and chromatic scales. The interplay between the two instruments produces sounds without artifice, like natural phenomena. The wind and rain were used as sounds to express the dazzling changes of nature. The mixing of tones changes depending on where you listen to it, and no one is listening to the same sound, which is oriented toward the absolutely unbridgeable distance between people.

Concept and Performance: Hashimoto Rocca

Photography: Ma Raven
Videography: Bannai Hidenari

Copyright Hashimoto Rokka, Ham Tamago Sandwich March 2022

improvisation / expanding dissonance