Kawashima Motoharu

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. He was awarded the Akiyoshidai International Composition Prize in 1992, the Darmstadt Kranigstein Music Prize in 1996, the Akutagawa Composition Award in 1997, the Kenzo Nakajima Music Award in 2009, and the Kei Ichiyanagi Contemporary Award in 2017. In addition to composing music, he has been involved in many contemporary music planning and commentaries such as Izumi Sinfonietta Osaka Program Advisor, and has appeared in many TV Asahi "Untitled Concerts", as well as appearing as a commentator on contemporary music in programs such as "Tamori Club" and "Rear Rush WEST", NHK E-Tele's "Addicted to the Swamp", and Japan TV's "Itte Q to the End of the World!". He has held a series of solo exhibitions of his works since 2017 and a recital series since 2020. He also performs in various performances, including conducting in the Ensemble Dongfeng. Vice President of the Japan Composers Council. Associate Professor at Kunitachi College of Music and Graduate School, Lecturer at Shobi Gakuen University.