hamtama #2 hamtama.tokyo

Date: Saturday, March 26 2022

Time: OPEN 17:15

START 17:30

Late Arrival/Early Departure are OK

Venue: BUoY

〒120-0036 Tokyo-to Adachi-ku Senjunakacho 49-11

6 min. walk from Kitasenju station exit 1

Entry: REGULAR ¥2500


The theme for this event is 音沙汰(otosata), a Japanese word meaning “news (from someone), "contact”. The first character of the word, 音(oto), meaning sound. Together, the last two characters, 沙(sand) and 汰(washing/sieving) carry the meaning of “tidings”, “verdict”, “instructions”, “notice”; something precious like the gold found when sieving sand.

For the 2nd Hamtama event, we have invited artists who use sound to convey their tidings. At the end, there will be a conversation with the performers.


Meerkat Girl X Murakami Hiroshi

Sasaki Shiori + Kawashima Motoharu

Hashimoto Rokka

Kuwahara Kanji

Stephan E. Perez

BUoY Café and Bar will be open until 21:00.

The performers and staff will be tested for COVID-19 the day of the event.


17:15 開場
17:30 開始: Meerkat-girlx村上裕
17:50 ささきしおり+川島素晴
18:35 橋本朗花
18:50 桒原幹治
19:40 ステフェン・E・ペレス
20:10: 休憩
20:20: 対談
21:20: 終了+撤収


  • 17:15-21:00
  • 一般2500円/学生1200円
  • 北千住BUoY
  • 東京都足立区千住仲町49-11